Microbes are everywhere around us and in & on our bodies. Although not all microbes are created equal, with some harmful bugs making us sick, others are harmless, beneficial or even crucial to our health.

Diet, and with it, the organisms that we consume through our food play a major role in influencing the human microbiome and ultimately our health. Therefore, food safety is a key element to prevent us from bad bugs that can cause diseases and provides us with safe and nutritious food.

To make the most out of the benefits of our microbial friends while mitigating risks, it is important to consider the microbiome across the whole food chain and its impact on human health. Breaking silos and bringing science forward helps us to better understand the true value of the micro-world around us. Make sure to stay on track with the latest scientific research and discover the world of the microbiome by following @MicrobiomeEU (a coordination and support action that paves the microbiome way for improved food systems), #CIRCLESEU (unlocking the potential of microbiomes for sustainable food production) and #HumanMicrobiomeAction (improving public health with microbiome research)!