FS4EU #asktheexpert: do you have suggestions of what we can do to reduce our exposure to microplastics?
FS4EU #asktheexpert: what are we missing to better understand the health impact of microplastic exposure?
FS4EU #asktheexpert: are there any potential negative effects of microplastics particles to human health?
FS4EU #asktheexpert: what kind of impact can microplastics found in food have on human health?
FS4EU #asktheexpert: since plastic is non-biodegradable, won’t it be flushed out by our system?
FS4EU #asktheexpert: how can microplastics particles enter your body?
FS4EU #asktheexpert: is it dangerous to ingest plastics?
FS4EU #asktheexpert: What are microplastics? Where do they come from, and where can we find them?
FS4EU #asktheexpert: In what type of food it is more likely to find microplastics particles?
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