We are glad to announce that the FoodSafety4EU network of Supporting Partners was recently enriched by new stakeholders. Indeed, INRAE and SafeConsume project has recently signed two agreements with FoodSafety4EU to collaborate in common research and dissemination activities.

FoodSafety4EU is pleased to welcome INRAE as a supporting partner of our platform. The cooperation – led by INRAE expert Jeanne-Marie Membre – includes mainly knowledge exchange and joint dissemination activities. It will start very soon this month with the participation of INRAE experts in FSOLab on the “harmonization and integration of procedures/enforcement for food safety in Europe”.

“Safer food through changed consumer behavior: effective tools and products, communication strategies, education and a food safety policy reducing health burden from foodborne illnesses” that’s the main objective of the SafeConsume project, is a multi-actor research and innovation project granted by the EC within the H2020 Programme.
SafeConsume and FoodSafety4EU projects signed a mutual cooperation agreement regarding the exchange of knowledge and experiences, dissemination and communication, participation in consultations, meetings and events. Stay tuned to know more on this collaboration!