The EU Commission has just launched five new EU missions, one of them is the “Soil deal for Europe”. Missions are a new collaborative approach designed to tackle some of the main challenges of our times. They provide a mandate to achieve specific goals in a set timeframe.

The main objective of this particular mission on soil is to create 100 living labs and lighthouses to lead the transition towards healthy soils, as “Soil degradation in the EU currently costs more than €50 billion per year”.

Actions within this mission:

  • €320 million in seed funding for projects relating to soil issues during the period 2021-23 (Horizon Europe programme)
  • A first wave of living labs in regions all over Europe
  • An international research consortium on soil carbon sequestration and establish a coordination platform to oversee the network of 100 living labs and lighthouses
  • EIP-AGRI will run campaign on soil health with a focus on the farming and forestry sectors

More information: