Have your say on the risk assessment and management status of current and emerging food safety issues!

FS4EU is carrying out a survey to identify the different stages of risk assessment and/or risk management on several different substances split into 2 groups:

>> Mycotoxins (T2/HT2, DON, Alternaria, Enniatins)

>> Food Contact Materials (MOSH/MOAH, Phtalates (DEHP, DBP, DiBP), Bisphenols (BPA, TBBPA, BPS) and metals (Lead, Cadmium)).

Some of these substances are already regulated by national/EU law, but are not (yet) risk assessed for particular countries. We’re exploring the current status in the wide European area. For Mycotoxins the possibility for regional rather than national applicability is included in the survey.
The data collected through this survey will be used in the development of a harmonisation and integration roadmap, to have an overview of the emerging issues in Europe.

We strongly encourage Food Safety Authorities and interested actors of the Food Safety System to contribute to our survey!

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