On 3rd March 2022, #FoodSafety4EU will contribute to the debate on food safety and #sustainability, in line with the #onehealth approach.

FS4EU Coordinator, Veronica Lattanzio, will take part to the roundtable about “Technology and digital for the agri-food sector“, within the context of GECO – The sustainability expo.

The innovation of the production, processing and harvesting processes of the Italian agri-food sector appears to be winning cards available to companies in the sector to promote sustainable development models. Making technological tools operational in this world means adopting a holistic vision that is able, on the one hand, to best combine the three dimensions of sustainability (environmental, economic and social) and, on the other hand, encourage the creation of solid collaboration networks between operators in the sector. A synergistic and integrated approach to the world of agrifood, which must go beyond a fragmented approach, linked to the introduction of individual technological solutions, adopting instead a broader vision, in which to best enhance new organizational forms, new services and new strategies across the entire value chain. 

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