On July 27-28th the first workshop of the FSOLab2 took place. The lab, led by Prof. Michael Rychlik and Dr. Tamara Stelzl from Technical University Munich (TUM), focused on the Research programmes and funding opportunities in the food safety area.

The first workshop, run by the Lab Manager and facilitated by Claudia Iasillo (APRE) aimed at generating new ideas in the general frame of the lab objective to better align research programmes and funding opportunities at national and EU level, and it was the kick-starter activity of the Social Lab. 

The Social Lab is composed by around twenty Lab members, representing different categories in the food safety ecosystem, who worked together for 2 days to develop new ideas through a process designed to stimulate collective thinking and to bring in different perspectives towards the achievement of a common goal. 

Three different pilot activities were discussed and prototyped by the group and now they will be further analyzed by the FoodSafet4EU project’s stakeholders and experts.  

Stay tuned to know more about the progresses of the FSOLab2 activities!