DISH CLUSTER EVENT – 6th April 2022 – Sharing knowledge by sitting at a virtual lunch table together
Date : 2022-04-11
Author : Fred Bayer

In the morning of Wednesday April 6th the DISH Cluster, a synergy between SafeConsumeEat2beniceFoodSafety4EUStance4Health and One Health EJP TOXOSOURCES, held the online webinar  “Towards a healthy and safe diet“, gathering an audience of 120+ Food Safety System actors from all over Europe.

In case you missed it, you can stream the whole event HERE!

The whole online webinar was organized around short keynotes from EU top-level speakers, including each of the 5 projects coordinators, followed by passionate discussions about their common goal: to support EU policy makers in guiding consumers towards a healthy and safe diet by improving their nutritional habits and food safety awareness.

This “virtual lunch” was divided in 4 courses and served by our amazing host Lars Munter (Danish Council for Better Hygiene).

Warm welcome with the scope of the day and short introduction to the DISH Cluster

  • Marcello Bardellini ICONS, Horizon Results Booster expert, Italy (video here)

Appetizers with clarifying presentations by Project Coordinators:

  • Alejandro Arias Vasquez, Eat2benice, Radboud university medical center, Netherlands (video here)
  • Jose Angel Rufian Henares, Stance4Health, University of Granada, Spain (video here)
  • Solveig Langsrud, SAFECONSUME, Nofima AS, Norway (video here)
  • Pikka Jokelainen, TOXOSOURCES, Denmark (video here)
  • Veronica Lattanzio, FoodSafety4EU, CNR-ISPA, Italy (video here)

Main course with inspirational keynotes and insights from EU Agencies, food safety researchers and industry representatives about challenges and future trends in food policies.

  • Stef Bronzwaer (EFSA) about the future of the European Food Safety System (video here)
  • Giulia Tarsitano (EuroCoop) about the consumer perception of those issues (video here)
  • Hans van de Velde (ADHD Europe) about the importance of nutrition in food policies (video here)
  • Corina Zugravu (Public Health National Insitute in Romania) on how to provide good information to consumers (video here)
  • Eugénie Cornu (Vitagora Agri-food Innovation Cluster) about the use of technology in personalized nutrition and diets (video here)

Dessert with the audience sharing their questions and opinions through an Mentimeter-assisted interactive session with the speakers 

  • Session was hosted by Frederic Bayer (CNR-ISPA / EUFORA fellow) and Maria Scherbov (EUFIC) (video here)

Our quality, experienced audience shared this lunch from all over Europe, representing diverse sectors and actors of the Food Safety System.

Highly interesting questions have been asked by the audience and answered to by our speakers (video here)

Eventually, the audience was asked to give their opinions on the DISH Cluster activities and potential outcomes, from the perspective of a Food Safety Policy Makers. For our representatives, the audience provided both very valuable learnings and soothing relief about the DISH Cluster relevance!

We would like to thank you all again for enjoying this virtual lunch with us, and whether you could join or not, you are very kindly invited to share with us more insight about your expectations and personal opinions for our Cluster activities, by answering to this short online form (Link here)

Stay tuned for our next lunch together !