Opportunities for:
  • Access a single entry point to the Food Safety System in EU
  • Be updated on the participatory process gathering different actors of the Food Safety System from different levels and regions
  • Valorize best practices and share knowledge, thus contributing to shape the future FSS
  • Align the national research & innovation agendas to a common view and approach
  • Direct connection to our community with complementary expertise and competence in Europe, at different levels
  • Facilitation/access to primary information
  • Access to updated data on food safety
  • Chance to share opinions and contribute to enhance the scientific evidence for food safety policy
Business Operators
  • Be part of a specialized Food Safety network
  • Access to a primary information on FS issues
  • Access/provision of data on food safety
  • Provide input for the future policies to meet the food production and market needs
  • Know what’s happening to improve the food safety in Europe
  • Take part to the debate on Food Safety in international contest
  • Signal emerging issues affecting food safety in daily life
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Microplastic in the environment – and in food – is an emerging contaminant that has generated intense public concern. Are we highly exposed and what do we know about its health impact? Microplastic is a term used to describe plastic particles smaller than 5mm. The dominant source of microplastic particles in the environment today is […]